Saturday, April 3, 2010

CellCast Widget for iPad Released!

It's officially iPad Launch Day and we're pleased to announce our CellCast Widget for iPad was included in the inaugural 1,000 applications shipped in support of Apple's revolutionary new tablet computing device. Better yet, we're the only sanctioned iPad application listed whenever a iTunes user searches on "mobile learning" or "m-learning" in the iTune App Store -- a situation that's certainly going to change in the coming days though as others jump on board the new device train.

I just spent the week over in Texas previewing our new iPad application (along with the rest of our CellCast Solution platform) to several different partners, customers and prospects who all anticipate the positive market reaction the iPad will have on the mlearning market.  Everyone concurs these iPad devices should slot into the mobile learning device market quite nicely and, as one of the mobile device market analysts stated earlier this week, should only cannibalize market share from Apple's existing iPod touch media player while replacing those sales with higher price/higher margin iPad sales!

If you're lucky enough to already have your new iPad, we invite you to go to the App Store and download a free copy of our Widget and try it out.  Send me an email to rgadd and I'll even setup a private account for you and assign several more content examples for you to play around with too.

In my next post, I'll provide a guided video walk through of our iPad application and the many features we're excited about. 

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