Sunday, April 15, 2012

"This Week in mLearning" Podcast: Week #2

We've put the finishing touches on our second weekly podcast detailing all the happenings in the mobile learning field for the week of April 9, 2012 and you can listen to RJ Jacquez and I talk about the week that was by clicking the link here.

The central theme for this week's episode was a discussion of the use of  "Mobile App vs. Mobile Web" for creating and delivery mobile learning but we also covered a variety of other topics including announcements like Google's new Project Glass initiative, ADL's Project Tin Can preview and recent rumblings from Adobe as to what we can expect in the upcoming Creative Suite 6/CS6 in foundational products like Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash and how these new features will help push the boundaries of possibility for mobile learning content creation and deployment.

While we're still trying to gain our footing in terms of pace and approach, the first couple of podcasts have been well received and we're appreciative of the comments and suggestions being offered by early listeners. RJ continues to perform double duty by recording a second weekly podcast in Spanish with Mayra Aixa Villar that is bringing benefit and knowledge to a whole other market...I only wish I had paid attention enough in high school Spanish class so I could at least listen to each episode much less participate in any substantive way. I know their episode "dos" will be posted by Monday, April 16th so watch (and listen) for that!

Finally, RJ is working to gain approval from Apple to release the weekly recordings to a broader audience via the iTunes App Store and we'll let everyone know when that's a reality.

#TWmLearning App of the Week

This week's choice for App of the Week is Snapguide, which bills itself as "the easiest way to make and share good looking guides".  This free App for iOS devices is quite cleaver and an excellent example of how compelling user generated content can be built on-the-fly using only an iPhone or iPad and easily shared with a broader audience.  Everything is KISS elegent here including and sign-up and friending process.

Thanks in advance for listening and please share any comments or ideas with me below so I can pass them on to my fellow podcast collaborators too.

Robert  ;?)

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